What will it cost to have your sheep sheared?

  • I have a minimum charge of £20, but for 10 sheep upwards I charge £2 a head.
  • If I have to travel more than 15 miles then I add on a mileage charge.
  • For 20 sheep upwards, crutching or dagging costs £1.00 a head.

Other costs are as follows, with the minimum charge as above:

  • Foot trimming @ £1.00 a head
  • Clik (16 weeks of fly strike protection) @ £2.50 a head
  • Worming from £1 a head (groups 1 to 3, depending upon type)
  • Clostridial vaccines or fluke, please enquire

If you do not wish to keep your fleeces, I would be pleased to take them with me and will give you a discount on the shearing cost to do so.  The amount is negotiable depending upon the quality of the fleeces, breed, any faults (ie dampness, foreign objects, non-degradable markings), and weight.


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