About ap shearing

Sheep need shearing.  When they were hardy wild prey animals they would shed their fleece in the summer and grow a new one.  Us humans interfered with that through a long process of selective breeding, to produce animals which could be conveniently sheared together so that we could gather their wool crop for an (eventually) enormously profitable wool trade.  Wool is now the by-product of an industry designed to produce animals with prime and tender musculature by the age of 12 months.  However, don’t neglect this aspect of keeping sheep.  Your fleeces could be worth around £1/kg depending on quality: you are eligible to register as a wool producer if you can produce 4 fleeces a year and of course as long as it is profitable for you.  Not much money, but better than just paying me to generate a waste product.  You can card, spin and weave your own wool.  Or I can buy it from you.

Welcome to ap shearing.  My name is Andy Power and I provide a sheep shearing and shepherding service for smallholders and small commercial flocks.  This website tells you a little about what I do.

I am based in Devon, in the middle of Dartmoor, but I travel and cover the South-West of England from Cornwall through Devon to Somerset and WIltshire.  I am happy to go further afield, but because of the travel costs you may wish to find someone closer to home.

If you want your sheep sheared please email me from my contact page or call 07835 247520.  You might not be able to get through straight away on the phone; down here in darkest Devon the mobiles can’t always find a signal, so please leave a message.

Other services available include foot trimming, lameness treatment, and help for smallholders with the burden of expensive drugs by administering low volume doses for worming, clostridial vaccinations, flystrike prevention and fluke.

If your flock is 2-strong or 200-strong, or in between, please get in touch.  See my prices here.

If I’m coming to shear your sheep, check what you need to do to prepare for sheep shearing.

If you want help learning how to shear your own sheep, I can help.  On my links page I have included a load of other information about sheep generally and contacts which you might find useful if you are casting around for advice.  Equally, I am happy to offer suggestions if you run aground!

For any enquiry, please get in touch.


2 thoughts on “About ap shearing

  1. Hi Andy,

    Hope you are well.

    Any chance of fly strike treatment on my 14 ewes ( all born last year )

    I have recently had an operation on my hand and cannot do this job at present. Perhaps you could also check their feet.

    Let me know

    Kind regards

    Paul Macpherson ( Eucalyptus plantation )

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